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Training, Group Lessons, and Classroom Settings

I'm currently teaching a computer class in Huntington Beach called "How to Fix Your Own Computer". Over the six week course we cover a variety of topics, everything from speeding up a slow computer and virus / spyware removal to replacing hardware and setting up networks and wireless security.

You can find more information on the Huntington Beach Adult School's computer classes here: Computer Classes.

I enjoy showing people what I know and teaching them how to be smarter computer users. If you need computer training, you'll find I'm friendly, patient, and I can explain things in plain easy-to-understand English. No high tech computer speak.

I'm happy knowing that I've helped someone become self sufficient with their computer, their network or their web site. So they DON'T have to call us back the next time.

Computer Lessons and Training

A 4 minute clip from the class I teach in Huntington Beach. Click the link below for more information or to sign up. Private and group lessons are also available.

Huntington Beach Adult School
Computer Classes