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Fix Your Own Computer - Overview

We are going to approach fixing your own computer in a series of simple steps:

Let's start with an overview of the troubleshooting process.

computer troubleshooting chart

These are the same baic steps that Geek Squad, Firedog or anyone else will follow when you bring your computer in for repairs.


Start with what you see on the computer in front of you. Do you receive a specific error message? Is your computer running slow? How? Slow when it starts up? Slow to download a webpage? Slow to open a specific program? Are you receiving pop up messages? What do they say specifically?

These are all symptoms, and they are measurable, and better yet, they are GOOGLE-ABLE.


Once you have a good description of the symptoms your computer is experiencing, look them up in a carefully crafted Google search. Sometimes I start with a human-readable phrase, something like "everytime I shut down my computer, it hangs and never fully shuts down". I put the phrase in, just as if I was asking a friend of mine that was some kind of computer expert!

Discussion Forums

The best information on computer fixes usually comes out of "discussion forums". These are web sites operated and moderated by a community of people, usually on a specific topic or category of topics. In our case we will be looking for computer related forums.

Gather Infornation

Fixing your own computer sometimes involves gathering more information than you initial set of symptoms. Windows has several utilities built into it that will help you see whats really going on "under the hood". We will be looking at: Next Page

Fix Your Own Computer

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