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Networking - Wired and Wireless

We build home office and small business networks. If you need to get multiple computers working together, sharing information, using the Internet, and printing to the same printers, we can help you set up your office network.

We troubleshoot networks, particularly wireless setups. If you are concerned about wireless security, can set up a secure wireless network, and train you in the process so you'll know how to maintain it in the future.

We're experts in remote connectivity. We'll set you up to access your home office computer from your laptop while you're on the road, or access your office computer at home.

See the Contact section for our tech service rates.

If you need wall jacks or wiring... we can recommend an electrician :)

Computer Repair

We offer competitively priced computer upgrades, repair and service. We perform hardware upgrades, and software installations.

We troubleshoot common computer errors. Blue Screens of Death, printers that don't print, or the worst "my computer just runs slow".

If you've been hit by a virus or spyware, we can help clean your computers and rid them of potentially malicious programs. Better yet, we'll train you on what to look for to avoid and even fix these in the future without having to hire us or anyone else!

See the Contact section for our computer repair rates.

Web Design and Database

We generally work with PHP/MySQL, and we can do basic web design and programming. If you're looking to make the next, we'd probably pass. However, we have set up web sites from the ground up so we are very familiar with hosting, DNS, and database management. See our Web Work section for more information.

We also know a pretty artistic and edgy design guy as well as a professional corporate brand and print work guy if you need logos and artwork.

Training and Education

I'm currently teaching a computer class in Huntington Beach called "How to Fix Your Own Computer". Over the six week course we cover a variety of topics, everything from speeding up a slow computer and virus / spyware removal to replacing hardware and setting up networks and wireless security.

I enjoy showing people what I know and teaching them how to be smarter computer users. If you need computer training in Orange County, you'll find I'm friendly, patient, and I can explain things in plain easy-to-understand English. Not a lot of high tech jargon and industry buzzwords.

I can be hired for one on one training sessions, or for group lessons and classroom setting instruction. I have references available, or you can come visit my Computer Class and ask my students!

I'm happy knowing that I've helped someone become self sufficient with their computer, their network or their web site. So they DON'T have to call us back the next time.

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July 3rd, 2013

Excellent local computer training classes, by friendly teachers. They have 5 week classes or single day classes, including Windows 8 training:

Huntington Beach Adult School